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5 10, 2023

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

2023-10-10T12:15:36-04:00By |Security & Design|0 Comments

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) has existed since the 1960s but evolved into a design and space management approach in the 1970s. CPTED is the proper use of the built environment to reduce the opportunity and fear of opportunistic predatory type crime and improve the quality of life where we live, work, and play. Dr. Atlas studied under Dr. [...]

5 10, 2023

Coefficient of friction testing

2023-10-05T11:39:31-04:00By |Security & Design|0 Comments

Coefficient of friction testing Coefficient of friction testing measures the ease with which two surfaces in contact can slide past one another, where two different values are associated with the coefficient of friction – static and kinetic.  Static friction applies to the force necessary to initialize motion between the two surfaces, and kinetic friction is the resistance to sliding once the surfaces are in relative motion. Because [...]

2 10, 2023

Slips, Trips, and Falls. Bad Design or Careless Behavior?

2023-10-05T11:34:45-04:00By |Security & Design|0 Comments

SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS: BAD DESIGN OR CARELESS BEHAVIOR? Randy Atlas, Ph.D., AIA, CPP Abstract The paper and presentation address how much comparative negligence is contributed by bad architectural choices and environmental design compared to humans not being aware or "unconscious" of their surrounding environment. What is the role of the environment versus behavior? The architectural design process has critical steps in developing design [...]

2 10, 2023

Florida Law requires CPTED security assessments for multifamily residential properties starting January 1, 2025.

2023-11-02T10:34:53-04:00By |Security & Design|0 Comments

Florida Law requires CPTED Security Assessments for multifamily residential properties starting January 1, 2025. Florida Law (CS/CS/HB 837: Civil Remedies approved and signed into law March 3, 2023) requires a CPTED Security Assessment for multifamily residential properties starting January 1, 2025. Request A CPTED ASSESSMENT NOW Multifamily residential property means a residential building or group of residential buildings, such as apartments, townhouses, or [...]

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