Dr. Randall Atlas

Dr. Randall Atlas

ATLAS SAFETY & SECURITY DESIGN, INC. is an independent, non-vested, architectural security design consulting firm that provides consulting and design services to Architects, Owners, and Developers in the private and public governmental sectors. We specialize in the planning, design, and construction of criminal justice facilities, building security, anti-terrorism and infrastructure protection design, safety design, and accessibility features in all types of buildings, such as apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, and plazas, parks and recreation, parking garages and lots, nightclubs and restaurants, schools and universities, jails, prisons, courthouses, and police facilities.

ATLAS SAFETY & SECURITY DESIGN, INC. is a leader in the industry, with extensive experience in large building projects that require security in the early stages of the design process for full integration of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) concepts into the facility and infrastructure.

ATLAS SAFETY & SECURITY DESIGN, INC. is a certified Micro/Small Business Enterprise in Miami Dade County. We are a registered vendor in the categories of Safety and security Consulting, Crime Prevention Services, Feasibility Studies, Security Systems, and General Consulting Services, and are certified as a Title II ADA Consultant.

ATLAS SAFETY & SECURITY DESIGN, INC. provides expert witness services to attorneys on premises security negligence cases on negligent security cases, safety cases that involve slips, trips, and falls, inmate violence and suicide cases, accessibility and ADA compliance, and building code compliance.

Founded in 1988, ATLAS SAFETY & SECURITY DESIGN, INC. provides programming and design services for justice facilities and other commercial and institutional work. The heart of any organization depends on the personnel experience, quality, and depth of understanding that staff can bring to solve complex and interrelated applications.

The firm brings over thirty years of experience in the design of security systems, security design, and CPTED.